Andrew (hfh_andrew) wrote,

Duct Tape...

Went to a good show tonight.

First band... can't remember their name, but they were pretty bad anyway.

After that there was this guy called The Show is the Rainbow. It was pretty fucking weird, but also really fucking funny. I don't even know how to describe his music... my suggestion would be to google it and see if you can download anything.

Next up was El Oso. Good as usual. I mooched off the free merch like I do at all of their shows I go to. They are really good, but for some reason their music always makes me tired.

Finally was Troubled Hubble. In a word, they were awesome. I currently own 4 of their CDs and all of them are really good. They write songs about the weirdest shit, but it's always a good time when going to see them. I think they have "Nancy" up for download on their website, so go check that out. If you can find the song "I Love My Canoe" download that too.

That's all for now.
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holy shit man. we are some of the few that are actually interested in Oxford High. good job. good band.
yeah, what ever happened to oxford high?