Andrew (hfh_andrew) wrote,

Set Phasers to Stun

I've been told a lie. The second Taking Back Sunday CD is not as good as the first... but it still is pretty fucking good.
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August 5 2004, 02:41:58 UTC 13 years ago

thats wut i've been hearing, but is it good enough to warrant the fifteen bucks canadian? oh, and i've found this mp3 floating around, alone forever acoustic, it says it's by you guys, it sounds kinda like you guys, but the internet has this way of screwing with names and stuff..
Yes, the CD is worth it. It is really good, I personally just like the first one better. I can't remember where I read it, but the cd was described as different but it still has the Taking Back Sunday sound that we all know and love. That's probably the best descripion of it.

And yeah, that song is by HFH, but chances are that it sucks. I'm sure it's like a 2 year old version of the song. Currently, one of my friends wants to re-record it with better guitar and different lyrics. I'm thinking I'm probably gonna do that because I am ashamed of the version that's out there.


August 6 2004, 00:13:11 UTC 13 years ago

alrite, so i got the cd, and yea i liked the first one better.. i duno, it's not bad, but there arn't really any songs that stick out to me ya kno? i actually like the rufio cd (perhaps, i supose..) i bought at the same time better

if i'm gona be a regular commentator i should probaly get a lj acount..
I love Rufio. Perhaps, I suppose... is an awesome CD, but I think 1985 is really amazing. I love every song on that CD.
Well you don't know me but I agree with you...

I like the second one, it's got the same rawness in it, but Tell All Your Friends is my favorite... yup.
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