Andrew (hfh_andrew) wrote,

Hey, everyone! I finally did something with the old HFH website that has been down for two months. Aren't you excited? Yeah, neither am I.

Ok, so here is the deal. HFH is kind of dead right now because Duerst has moved onto bigger and better things, and I am moving out of state for college pretty soon. But like a pheonix rising from the ashes (or like NN2S) it will eventually come back alive as a super-zombie who will suck out your brains with a straw.

In the mean time, however, I've decided to collect all the HFH links I can find:

-HFH @ Purevolume: This website has a mini-bio, some pictures, and that stupid "Last Hour" clip for download.

-HFH @ PAHardcore: Same mini-bio and clip as purevolume, but we have a lot more listens on this one.

-HFH @ IUMA: This website has a really bad version of "Alone Forever" for download plus a couple of different mini-bios. There is also a comment page where people tend to post some weird stuff.

-HFH @ HXCmp3: This site has three songs on it. The first is the same "Last Hour" clip that is everywhere. The second is a clip of "Armory" which is a song I've always really liked and I don't think it's on any other site. The third is the live version of "Concerta" and I can't remember if it's good or bad. There is also a pretty cool picture of us on that page.

-HFH @ ACMEnoise: This site has a demo of "Concerta" and the ever-popular "Last Hour (clip)". Have fun with this one.

-HFH Message Board: No one uses this anymore, but I figured I'd put it on here anyway. I'm sure there are some interesting old posts.

-HFH LiveJournal Community: No one uses this anymore either (except to spam), but I think you might find some cool stuff on here.

Ok, well that is my list. If I think of anything more, I will upade it.

... I don't think it matters, though, because I don't think anyone is reading this.
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